A Teen Birthday Party

by Naked Paregoric Junk in Tangiers

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released May 13, 2007

All tracks written by Jensen Suther and Brandon Say.




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Naked Paregoric Junk in Tangiers

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Track Name: Holism, Bade! Stack Nixon Particles
there is no new circuit
for this ring finger's gone dime
double bade on a lot a lot of victories
but fudged a porch of lots of kingdom come

it only takes an hour
to gain a thousand pounds
to become the most obese fuck
on the planet.

salivates for tartrate
cold purple's blues
to keep me down sundays
lost my last name in betting rounds
on who would lose their seven days

i'm so bent out of shape
burping feathers salamanders
pull my teeth with candy canes
because she's so nice
Track Name: Firedog Party
i don't know about
no, i know about this
god it's foresight
no, god, it's midnight
blue curtains oh baby
it smells like seeds
and planted shirt designs
on my dead grandfathers dank breath

push like computers
push like trees
push like vanilla bars
push like apple seeds
i love time magazine
thank god for time magazine

paint golf balls
on my eye balls
splinter my dog ears
with plastic ice cream scoops
shake my fucking toothache
and help patience in me.

im sorry
im learning
youre beautiful
but my clean short im running.
to runs for the west
to runs for the west

i'd kill myself if it'd last the day
but the glitching's drunk
starts it over again
i'd wake me up
i'd take enough
i'd cold and steer
miles past the rain

gonna wash it off gonna kill the pain
gonna start it off gonna drain it again
gonna crack it up gonna suck the stains
i'm gonna cut my hair
i'm gonna seem to care
i'm gonna drink it all
i'm gonna steel my veins
i'm going to watch you dance
over and over again
Track Name: H is for Palindrome
pain glass spills yarn
cross my dead drunk found
truncated hearing desk aid
by shopped medicined basement
all ideal alacrity blood
ain't flow well in my broken veins
drifts on out down towards my stomach
makes my elbows lock up like
ice capped kiss kiss kisses
and i'd like to try love, too
but i just can't fall asleep
doc doc doc
levels all off
it's pangea off the map, yeah

half past room tied sleep in
these glitching fields in
wonder's half past midnight
they keep me up and eat the sunlight
like vitamins and rainbows, beautiful things
sometimes just like the dark room
all the pictures i think developing are
coming at the spaces brain waves 'cause
they just ain't got no where else to hold but why

let's go to bed for a while
and watch the petty basement dwellers
their little hands that grab and hold the youth's
one day vestigial
forget to swallow sand the man is writing in white coats
hollowed eyes watched his daughters die
lay your hands on my weary ashes
obsequious remains turmoil not will i
one day you'll wake up
and you won't hide it
look down into the basement's blue
and watch red of the curly haired boy
flow like wind and craft like eyes, my eyes

somewhere i'm a right's wronged
a decimating head blow
i'd love you watch me
for the rest of the night
how tired it gets when i'm
alone for too many hours
i couldn't hold pins up my needles
in my brightly lit colored eyes
i'll hide my love for you
in ambiguity
so i'm not an all natural
hideout blower