So Kindly, For the People We Love

by Naked Paregoric Junk in Tangiers

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released June 6, 2006

All music written by Jensen Suther, Brandon Say, and Michael Donohue.




all rights reserved


Naked Paregoric Junk in Tangiers

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Track Name: [aslulrugseiroyn]: like prolonged surgery
i've lost at bother me
no more sheets
words like surgery
shaking like the little
little boy

table spelunker
lurching little coward
little boy fingernails
somewhere i'm all

clever little names
for all your clever porns
shoots me just like perfect
i don't eat the backfire
i can't stomach all i see
but it's clear at least.

but no matter's all
no milk or wine
x or y
there is no noose
for you and i

doors are what you'll think about
while you spiral down
the sunken bed
for his sunken eyes
they sink the sun
keep the moon afloat
sails his ships
and hold his reigns
Track Name: Tommy
when i get back
ill be ready to leave
so you better be getting packing
you better get going
its a mad house when im
when im not on time

it will be the worst day
you've ever had to sit through
tommy, where have you been?
why aren't you on time?

i feel the need
to feel you
as you felt the seed
that loved you
scatter trees
out back in the woods
i'm safe but you've
damaged and damaged

it will be the best time
of your awful life
we'll take enough
enough to wake us up
new lips are soft
i'll try not to bruise them
your lips are are soft
i won't bruise them